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How to Make Mobile Device Disinfection Part of Your BYOD Policy

When developing a BYOD policy, most businesses put the majority of their focus on the major elements of the program (i.e. cost and security). This seems logical, considering that developing a clear road map that outlines a secure, cost-efficient plan is the heart of any major implementation. However, there is still one critical element that is often overlooked when creating these implementation plans: disinfection.

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Will a Mobile Device BYOD Policy Really Save You Money?

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Mobile Device Maintenance: Should You Clean or Disinfect?

The New York Times recently published a great article entitled “Cleaning the Mobile Germ Warehouse” that does a great job of emphasizing all of the grime that builds up on your mobile devices and the germs that come with that. This article offers great insight on how to clean your mobile devices, but is cleaning alone enough?

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An Approach to Preventing the Nightmare Bacteria

Frontline recently released a documentary called “Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria.” It details the accounts of three separate stories, happening in completely different parts of the world at the same time. All of these stories are connected by one thing: potentially deadly bacteria with no treatable medicines. Below is a very basic summary of the documentary along with a key takeaway from a disinfection standpoint.   

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The Importance of Disinfection in Preventing the Flu

The influenza virus, most commonly referred to as the flu, sickens roughly 13-20% of the United States each year. Symptoms can range from uncomfortable but manageable to requiring hospitalization. More than 200,000 people are hospitalized yearly, and complications that can arise from the flu include bacterial pneumonia, dehydration, and worsening of existing medical conditions like congestive heart failure, asthma, or diabetes. In children, sinus and ear problems are also common. The very young, very old, pregnant women, and immune-compromised patients are at higher risk for severe infections and complications. Roughly 2,000 people are estimated to die from the flu each year in this country.

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The Importance of Disinfecting Tablets & Other High Touch Surfaces

Most people enter the hospital hoping to feel better after they leave, but for 1.7 million Americans every year, this simply isn’t the case. Hospital Acquired Infections, also called HAIs or nosocomial infections, are infections that a hospital patient can develop as a result of their hospital stay (Martin & McFerran, 2008). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that roughly 99,000 deaths each year are related to HAIs (Klevens et al., 2007). 

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Keep a Clean Routine with the CleanMe App for iPhone & iPad

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